A condensed of puissant techno rhythm and dark sounds.

Akwist begins the mix in 2010.
He discovered the DJing with his first controller after 1 year of practice on a computer and begin to play in little venues, parties.
Lately, he approaches Ableton to begin the musical production and release his first track.
His tracks stand out by their aspect, varying of the pure techno to the industrial sounds, with hard phases, forming at the same time dreamlike and violent osmosis.
With a rapid mix and fast mixing style, Akwist gives a wild rhythm to its sets which, sometimes gives gooseflesh.
He’s also co-founder of UBT crew, a techno organization founded in 2016 Angers, where he met The Aurem.
Together the launch Tétraèdre Records in January 2019.

Played alongside Etienne De Crécy, Salut C’est Cool, Pony Pony Run Run, Hoten, Monsieur Nobody, Koszmar, Animal Holocaust, Théo Muller, SLYRS, Abdénord, Bormin, Pura Pura…


I began the mix 9 years ago by mixing different kind of music and I discovered techno universe with the encounter of UBT guys.
The Aurem began to show me this universe and send me the new tracks.
I really appreciated it and chose to dive in the fast part of the techno, darker and more violent. I think this is because of my Hardstyle music discover when I was 12. I felt in love with the power and universe of the style and I can match the both genre in the Hard Techno one.

For this set I checked my library and the first picked-up track was « Freebase » by High Speed Violence. This music inspired me a lot and I built the mix around this universe and DNA, looking for other tunes that could fit with and create an evolution all along the set.
For the artists I admire & follow, I can say that I really love the work of ALEX TRILB, LEMANE, ЛYKA, YGNOR or ERRORDRIVE…

Originality is definitely an asset in the production process. Some artists understood that and have developed their own DNA and style. Now you can easily recognize their tracks amongst thousands other ones. That’s good to have the basics of a style and a kind of common « structure », but this ain’t gonna make you special and different from the other producers.
By my side I enjoy mixing and doing some remixes, more than producing. That’s always a good part of the project but I fucking love doing DJ Set so I’m developing my project with this part now, showing what I can do in what I love the most!

I’m always stressed before beginning the mix. I like to listen the previous set and the crowd reactions, to know how I can drive the set and the tracks order. My goal is to surprise the audience, but also make them happy and enjoying the set with bangers and hard drops.
The first track is the most important for me, and I spend a lot of time selecting this one.

Maybe produce more tracks and release them on labels.
End of 2019 is very busy but I hope taking more time in studio in 2020. My goal is to balance with the amount of mixes released this year!
For the gigs, nothing is planned at this moment but I’m always up for an event!

Music is obviously very important for me. I listen to it everyday and consider it as a working tool but also an entertaining and relaxing one.
I mainly listen to French Rap in my daily life and only listen to techno when I need to update my setlist or prepare something. That’s very important to split genres and the moments I listen to them.
As an artist, I check every week the releases of the labels and artists that could fit in a set. I stay during 2 or 3 hours listening to new stuffs and make my choice. That’s very interesting to listen the way of producing, the influences of different artists. I keep the same way of considering the music for the personal use, always checking the releases and new comers, to update and change my music flow, discover new inspirations…