Alek Sane

Alek Sane is a DJ and producer based in Malta. From an early age he was inspired by electronic music and later established his niche into Techno.

Known for his precise mixing he is capable of merging elements of acid, industrial, EBM and ambient techno, with dominating rhythms instilling an overwhelming sense of emotion.

In November 2018 Alek Sane marked his debut as a producer with his ‘’ORPHIC EP’’ on BUNK3R R3CORDS, an EP where you can feel and hear the music speaking for himself. He is also a remixer on local and foreign labels.

Notable performances to date include openings for well-known artists such as Psyk, Ritzi Lee,
Tim Tama, UVB and more…

Drawing in from his experience as a drummer and multi-instrumental background, when he’s not behind decks, Alek Sane buries himself in the studio and focuses on his musical abilities, experimenting with samples collected from inspirational sounds in everyday life, pulling out elements from various genres to create his own rhythm


I always loved techno, because one can find a lot of different elements and sequences complementing each other in this genre of music. My base instrument is drums and this helps me appreciate each and every sound and rhythm while a track is being played.
Complementing this genre is the melody and the other elements that can easily play with your emotions taking you to wherever your imagination leads you.
In the beginning of 2000, I started to experiment with electronic music and it was a very versatile and interesting journey. Back then, I started with Funky and Tribal House which led me to Electro and Minimal music. This helped me to keep on evolving from one style to another. Moreover, after a period of time not playing any electronic music, in 2014 I met a guy (whom until today is one of my best friends) that re-introduced me and brought me closer to the techno scene. Thanks to his good will, I picked myself up and today I can say that what I’m doing comes from a place of love and dedication.

Each and every set I prepare, I imagine myself during a rave and I always picture me in the audience and becoming part of the music. So technically, my inspiration is the crowd itself because it reflects exactly what I’m feeling.
There are loads of artists I follow and admire because every artist has their own story to appreciate. But if I had to mention my current inspirations I would choose Dax J, Inhalt Der Nacht, JKS, 9×9, Airod…. and if I had to mention them all, I would never stop.

Yes, being original is something I highly believe in. What I look for is more of an escape from everyday life especially when it comes to my productions as I let my emotions speak through my music. So I believe this is what makes me original as no one can copy that particular feeling at that time.

Basically I’m so concentrated that I become part of the machine.
I believe that everything present in the club plays an important role in keeping me focused.
The ideal state of mind would be a positive vibe reverberating back from the crowd supported by the power of a good sound system.

This year had a great start and it’s getting stronger.
At the moment I’m working on new material as well as thinking about introducing new ideas which I’m still discussing and planning with my youngest brother, as he will be part of this project.
However, I can’t give anymore information regarding this until everything falls in place.

Some gigs I have in the near future are Easter Sunday on the 21st of April where I will be Headlining the event for the new record label Hibernate of Sleeps Everywhere,
another closing set on the 1st of May for the new promotion MIDI and some other gigs which will be published closer to date.

This journey holds a lot of different emotions for me to explain. But if I had to choose it would definitely be, the reason to live.