Charly Madea

Inviting Charly Madea label boss for Influx Records. Charly will take you into deep atmosphere sound waves to soft pounding percussion.
INFLUX has been created by Charly Madea (MAGMA Club) in 2013 in Chengdu CHINA.

Originating from Paris France, Charly Madea moved in 2000 to London to pursue a passion for music production & DJing.


I am Charly Madea originally from France Paris, I grew up in London and worked in Fabric London for 8 years, it was one of the best experience to learn
everything about Music and professionalism. Fabric’s Owner & Director & Myself have a common point is we are all very passionate about what we do
and we work with all our heart. The first time I DJ it was when I was 8 years old, I went on a Skiing holiday with my dad, we stayed in a very cool Hotel in the Alpes  France, and every night there was a party there, my dad new the DJ (Eric) and one night he said “Charly; come behind the decks, I show you how it works” Since then I found my path in life.

I lived in China for 7 years, I was a Techno nightclub owner (Magma Chengdu) and DJing all over Asia. I just came back to Europe (Paris) and I thought I would make something very special and unique for VOID so here comes “Chemin de Jouvence” I am also very happy to play some wonderful tracks  from the Artists of my record label “Ïnflux Reborn Records” Mmm, for the artists that I admire, well there many talented people out there that I like to follow, but I mostly get my inspiration from Richie Hawtin and Stephen King. By listen and reading those 2 genius; It’s there I found my own specific ideas for my sounds.

I had the chance to play DJ in many different country and meet some very interesting people, and like I mentioned earlier Fabric was the best music school (in my opinion) that anyone can have. I have learned a lot from them how the music business work. From that I created a Techno Club in Chengdu China and today I direct a record label which I love.

My state of mind when I play, it all depends of my mood of the day really, then the crowd has a massive effect on my way to play also.

I am doing a big project that will take me couple of years till it is completed, I am writing a book about my experience in China. Some pretty crazy stuff
happened to me during those 7 years, that I really want to share with the world. My plan is to finish my book, then make a screenplay of it and design all the soundtracks with the other me “9 Natural”. I know it will take time to release it; but when it’s done, it will be something worth to see and read trust me.= I will probably try to get in contact with James Wan (The Conjuring – Insidious) if he wants to be part of it. For now, I just start a new life back in Europe, I really want to make some great  Ïnflux Party here like I did in Asia. So my main focus now is to organize Party’s for my label and I am going do what ever it takes to have my name on the
Awakenings & Time Warp line up soon…

Art is a way to express yourself in many kinds of ways. It’s true that every day life gives me some inspiration.  I was in Thailand last year and I made this EP “ÏRR018 – Le Rire De L'innocence” with 90% of the sounds I record in the jungle. Having saying that I made sure they had a Techno Direction thru my
ears of course.