Daniel Dabs

Daniel Dabs started out in 2013 as a Dark/Deep House DJ before moving on to Ethereal Techno and Progressive House. With these styles of music,
Daniel Dabs started developing production skills over the years before focusing more on harder, pumping Techno which he plays and produces till this day, all whilst holding a deep love and appreciation for Progressive House which is reflected in his melodic style of Techno.


I’m Daniel Dabs, 23 year old from Zurrieq and I’ve been playing since 2013. I’ve always had a love for performing music and composing/producing, even when I was a child, I would dive deep into a particular song or track to find underlining sounds which make it so complete. This particular scene has a bit of everything for me, some ‘sub-genres’ can be quite simple in terms of depth of sounds and some other are more intricate but both deliver a powerful feeling.

Sometimes you’re finding new music from new artists and you can feel a set coming together, the best thing to do is go on and record it. When I was still entering this scene I idolised UVB, Len Faki and Slam mostly and still do till this day, but recently I’m really loving Klangkuenstler. Could be one of the very best soon. every artist has their own story to appreciate. But if I had to mention my current inspirations I would choose Dax J, Inhalt Der Nacht, JKS, 9×9, Airod…. and if I had to mention them all, I would never stop.

I do agree that originality is a top priority for me. I’ve had a varied background and I believe that it shaped my style of Techno. Most of my background was in Progressive house which I still love and enjoy from time to time, and it reflects in the quite melodic style that I play.

I’m mostly calm when I play although I can be seen jumping and moving around a lot, but when the music is good you just can’t help dancing. The vibe is essential during a DJ set as it makes the set flow better and in return, the set delivers more vibe..

I think that my future goals are possibly every upcoming DJ’s goals as well, or at least should be, to play regularly in your own country’s scene, evolve and make it to the foreign scene eventually. I had a couple gigs lined up for the coming weeks but unfortunately they’ve been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

-I believe that music and art speaks to the individual in that moment, everyone can have a style for a time and another style for another time. If I want to get pumped up for something I’ll gladly listen to some proper Techno, but at times when I just want to unwind, I know I can listen to something else like Tame Impala, Nils Frahm and Depeche Mode.