Dave Space

Dave Space started from a younger age, always passionate with music and the electronic scene. 
He’s influence is a mixture of electro to techno, balancing melodic sounds leaving a euphoric impact on the crowd
Dave space is currently on of the founders of Midnite Snack Malta who promotes one of the top artist’s such as Balta, Special Request, 1-800 girls and also one of the founders named Selekt, which provides a variety of techno artists such as Kike Pravda, Aiken, Setaoc Mass.   


My name is David Grech and I’m 26 years old. Aside from football being a constant hobby and interest in
my life, my other new founded love is music. I was interested in DJ’ing from the age of 19 and had
started learning a couple of years after once I had enough money for equipment, starting out in a dusty
garage in Birkirkara. 
What first made me choose the scene was my initial curiosity of seeing this billboard of Derrick May coming to Malta in Paola and each time I passed by it after school I always asked myself who he was. Unfortunately, I hadn’t gone to that party and after I had heard his productions and seen videos of his DJ sets, I’ve been kicking myself till this day that I missed out on that party. 

I wanted to balance out my style and incorporate the sound which Void usually provides with tracks from well-acclaimed artists such as Mall Grab & Deniro whose productions have a certain flow and recognizable sound that resonates a euphoric feel whilst adding that element of electro and breakbeat from upcoming artists such as Cyan85 & VIEGAS. There are too many artists for me to answer that question but if I had to choose a sub-genre in techno it would be Detroit techno which has heavily influenced my appreciation of electronic music throughout the years and personal collection as I’ve looked up to artists like Derrick May, Don Williams, Stephen Brown and Function amongst other great producers.

Yes, being original is something I highly believe in. What I look for is more of an escape from everyday life especially when it comes to my productions as I let my emotions speak through my music. So I believe this is what makes me original as no one can copy that particular feeling at that time.

I think one thing I’ve been doing my best to develop on is that I should always try my best to read the crowd but at the same time still keep true to my own beliefs in what to play and what not. As I continuously work on my mixing skills, a variety of sub-genres in electronic music is key, given that you uphold a balanced standard and not too much of everything.

I’m currently in my second year of organizing events as I work alongside another two dj’s in the local scene (Budg & Matte) in a promotion called Midnite Snack as we’ve brought along artists that offer various styles and are experimental in their sets. I found it hard to choose between promoting house and techno so I decided to do opt for both as I work with Selekt which is a techno promotion that I work on with Jake Podesta and fellow resident DJ’s Etched & Aspekt as we’ve brought along upcoming and experienced artists in the scene on an international scale. 

This journey holds a lot of different emotions for me to explain. But if I had to choose it would definitely be, the reason to live.I find a constant emphasis on track digging to be very helpful and entertaining at the same time as I’ve never let go of the want of exploring new material, whether it be a recurring artist I follow or an upcoming artist that shows that there is a lot of promise for the future. Speaking as someone who is involved in light operations and has a passion for the aesthetic look of a party, I think visuals and simple yet inviting color mixing is essential to the atmosphere of a party. One goal of mine which I hope to accomplish in the eventful future is playing a VJ set which is a rarity in the local scene at least.