Since at a young age music was always a friend and a hand to hold on to during difficult times. I was luckily enough to have a family which is also passionate about music which helped me be more curious and start defining different sounds. At around the age of 12 I had my first electric guitar where it started the ball rolling.

Two years after I started to visit Genetix and become more fond of the type of music I was attracted to. At the age of 18 I had my first gig at Liquid with former artists Ian Zahn, Duplex and magical Junior B. Years passed by and I started to build my own studio to practice and create new sounds.

Graduated on IT at ICT MCAST while I have also took courses on Photo & Video editing during the years. During my free time I take care of Facebook marketing for local companies and also create art work.


At the age of 14 I started listening to producers like Jeff Mills, Underworld, CJ Bolland, Green Velvet, Holy Ghost and much more, which kept me addicted to techno until today.

Back than the only place to listen & buy techno vinyl was Genetix but still I could afford the cost of the whole equipment plus monthly releases. By time CDJS came alone and it was much more affordable to own two pendrives, and made it easier for me to practice and to built up confidence around the equipment
Now at 33 I still listen to Techno, I’ve been playing for the past 3 years in clubs and daily at home.

My forte is Dub Techno which is a downscale of Techno with particular sounds, Void was always ready to support me, give me exposure and obviously believed in potential, my technique of mixing and selection. It was a pleasure and honour to produce this set for Void.

Lately I’ve been following closely Substance, A Eric Cloutier, Robert Hood & Oscar Mulero as I have always selected one of their productions in my sets. Artists I admire and look at them as models are Vril, Fabrizio Lapiana & Luigi Tozzi

Dub Techno music was never a genre which you can call mainstream like Techno. The feedback I get from local artists which personally defines me from other artists is the low bpm, highly selective tracks and seamless mixing, which creates a journey like feeling for the listener.

Basically I’m so concentrated that I become part of the machine.
I believe that everything present in the club plays an important role in keeping me focused.
The ideal state of mind would be a positive vibe reverberating back from the crowd supported by the power of a good sound system.

I don’t have any future goals in mind, All I ever wanted is to play and its already happening thanks to Void, if I’m playing my type of music for a selected crowd is already an achieved goal. 2019 has been slow for gigs but I’m sure something will pop up.

I create my own radio show covers, I use scenery photography as it helps me to describe the set I would have created. Thunderstorms are usually used for sets that are punchy and aggressive while sunsets for late afternoon relaxing music.