One of the Founders of VOID MALTA is next our Podcast Series
Antidote is a experimental dark ambient techno, transmitting his emotion and passion trough his music, Antidote will take you into the deep atmosphere of hypnotic sounds and raging sounds of kicks.

He is Also one of the Founders of VOID promoting various artist throughout the year locally and internationally.

Currently Releasing on Connected Records/ Aerotek Records/ Northern parallels


Well my name is Jeremy Bordieri, I’ve been into the scene as a clubber for 10 years been going to the most Iconic club in Malta called Liquid Club. I’ve been playing now for 5 years doing local parties small events and continued to follow my career with VOID and Antidote as my Alias name.

I like to play drone to hypnotic techno that gives the listeners the intense sound that goes around your mind will listening continuing to rumbling kicks . Artist that I admire are Luigi Tozzi, Polar Inertia, Acroym, Anthony Linell and the list goes on.

For my sounds I like to listen and record atmospheric sounds throughout the help of a recorded than try to manipulated it into a rhythm.

The ideal for me is the transition you will have with every track, each one gets connected to another that gives the drive of a dj set.

My future goals are basically to improve my sounds more and release on my favorite labels. For my upcoming gigs I have some that are not released yet in July , September , December and more.