Sleeps Everywhere

Matthew Agius aka Sleeps Everywhere has been in touch with techno music since the tender age of 10, bought his first record from X-SUB records featuring a track called Hystericmaniac, by Dj-Misjah vs Dj-Jean Pierre.

This record instantly made him fall in love with techno music, and since then his record collection kept on expanding like an addiction. He was on every part of the scene as a Promoter, Dj and Producer. He performed under the name of Hystericmaniak from the early 2000’s till around 2015. Released records with multiple labels worldwide, also working with well established artists from around the globe. He also performed in countries like, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium & Malta. In 2017 he made a booking with Remco Beekwilder, the guy who made him find his connection again with the harder side of Techno, and somehow he felt this energy inside to produce again and got inspired.

He wanted to start fresh so he buried the Hystericmaniak project and came up with Sleeps Everywhere. The first track he released was Extinguished on Emerald Label. More releases to come. also check out his upcoming podcast sessions.