End Train

Whether he is playing with 4 decks and his sampler or his 2 hour live set with synths and a coffee machine, his music stretches the boundaries of techno with melancholic melodies and fast paced drums.


End Train has been heavily involved in the free parties scene for years, playing 250+ bpm distorted hardcore industrial during timeless sets. With time, an almost innate passion for techno built up and shaped the artist’s own vision. “There is something about abandoned factories that connects with people in a deep, tribal and guttural manner. Techno encapsulate the essence of this connection by helping cold machines create their own soul that in turn, connects to humans”.

Together with Flaminia he founded Ways to Die records and Metempsychosis records in 2015 and 2017 respectively, to promote techno in various shapes and form from industrial to deep and broken.

“..End Train’ offers a package of adventurous techno sounds..” – Planet Rhythm


The more I go deep into my roots, the more I understand it has always been about seeking connection with people. The dance floor is a safe and free space where I found love, I learned to hug people, to express myself freely and to communicate. I landed on techno years ago, as I felt very much in tune with the variety of shades of the music.

For this set, Jeremy From Void Malta and I connected via FB months ago, he mentioned he really liked my tune Coping Potential that was released on LDNwht years back. I kind of thought, I haven’t been playing more straight and hypnotic stuff for a while. And I wanted to shape a set that would feel smooth but with energy rising slowly but surely. So I picked tracks and put them in a sequence that would feel like an escalation. I imagined me playing in a club and that worked.

And I managed to throw a lot of new and unreleased music from artists that I admire such as Flaminia of course, Uun, Omen, Bastian Horro, Tsibo, Asymetrik, Pilo… Sina XX and Munsiger.

As a model, I think production-wise I am really in tune with Scalameriya and VSK. Their sound (individually as well as together) really inspires my production. Lately I have been listening to a lot of Boys Noize (check if you can find which track from him I played in this set :)) and Chemical Brothers. The are pure energy!

It’s everything. I think finding your unique voice is what every artist may want to seek. This is part of becoming your true self, which I believe is crucial for long term fulfilment.

I think I have started finding my real own musical voice a year and something ago. I had spent roughly an entire year trying to make music that felt true to my own self. And now I kind of find it. But of course it will evolve with time.

I want to perform more and I am currently learning to look for the overlap between my own musical taste and what also other people may enjoy.

Flow and connection. I think my best sets were those where I lost consciousness and I entered what people call the state of Flow: where everything just happens and you give the best of yourself without having to think about it.

And connection, for me this is the whole point of playing a set. I am at my best when I feel so connected with the crowd that it becomes a two-way discussion: I feel the reaction, get the energy from dancers and I respond with more energy!

Future goals – conquering the world! Jokes aside, I am really pushing with Home Of Sound ( https://www.instagram.com/home_of_sound/ ) where I get the chance to chat with people in the music industry about their life, their projects and beliefs. I enjoy it to the bones and I want to expand it to many more guests and other genres too.

And we are also doing other stuff such as production masterclasses. We just had VSK, Insolate and Rommek. It’s been super fun and we are putting whatever we can to grow this to the next level. You can join our Fb group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/homeofsound.producersnetwork/

Gigs – due to covid19 I lost few gigs, among which two showcases of my labels Ways To Die Records and Metempsychosis Records in London and a Tresor Klubnacht with Oscar Mulero and Regis Live. I hope we will get back to gigs soon and I cross my fingers for some – even smaller – parties with friends this summer.

I want to create art that makes people feel strong emotions. For example I am about to release a single with a video that will represent the agitated state of being home in lockdown for months. I wanted to make it twitched as much as possible so give almost a sense of discomfort. Hopefully I can convert the emotion effectively!

If you are interested, you can find all my links and latest work here: https://linktr.ee/end_train
or connect with me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/end_train/