Gordon Flash

Gordon Flash started Djing when the Acid House and Techno scenes hit the Maltese Islands in the early ’90s.

The emerging scenes in Europe, as well as Chicago, heavily influenced his sound. Since then it has evolved through the various forms of house and techno, always maintaining a penchant for depth, rhythm and groove. After taking time out of the scene, Flash is back to working on a number of different projects.

In addition to djing, he runs in.di.go. and waX with Xpose, while also managing London-based Solid Tracks Records


Growing up in the ’90s, I eventually gravitated towards the underground electronic music scene, and in 1994, I landed my first gig. I was armed with enough records for a set and around 3 months’ training on decks at my friend’s house. From that point onwards, I have always been involved in the scene – be it djing, producing, promoting or managing a record label. I’ve made most of my long-lasting friendships through the scene and I cannot imagine living in a world without music!

The set is inspired by our waX nights, which is musically geared towards contemporary techno sounds. For this mix, I also emphasized depth, rhythm, and groove – elements I always look out for.

Considering what DVS1 expresses through his sets, his contribution to the club scene and the music community, this makes him an artist I follow with keen interest. There are obviously many others.

I’ve meandered a lot over the years between so many subgenres we’ve seen emerge within electronic music. Over time, I identified the music I want to play, listen and dance to through its elements, rather than through its genre.

This way of looking at things is reflected in my sets, or that’s what I’d like to believe. Ultimately, electronic music has been a passion of mine for a long time, and all the years on dancefloors and behind the decks exposed me to so much music that flirts with different genres. Those tracks are key to being able to move smoothly between different styles. This development was a big part of me being who I am as an artist nowadays.

The way I approach a dj set has changed over time, and it depends on the gig itself, the location, the people, the time slot and all those factors. Having said that, the desire to tell a story through my set is always there. The dj engages with their surroundings. For me, an ideal state of mind while playing is when the crowd isn’t just feeding off your energy, but when you are also feeding off the crowd’s energy. That has a really positive effect on me.

Musically, my future goals are to continue working on my current projects: waX and in.di.go. (organised with Xpose at Gianpula Village) and running Solid Tracks Records.

I look at all art as a form of self-expression, something that gives an insight into the artists themselves and about their state of mind. The great thing about art is when it’s not done in a prescriptive way and lets the viewer/listener come to their own conclusions.

I don’t really have a formed approach towards my art, like all things I enjoy, it comes organically – I try to follow my instincts