Henry Martin

Henry Martin an Artist based in Jakarta, Producing his work on labels such as ‘Labyrinth’ and Smiley Fingers and also released on Conjured Records label based in our island Malta.
Supported by Joris Voorn and Richie Hawtin so mention a few.


Although my first exposure to electronic music was in the late 90s, it wasn’t until the turn of the century that electronic music began to play a big role in my life. It was during this time where I started to perform as a DJ and began to delve further into the various directions of electronic music. Having spent a significant part of my life travelling between cities, I was privileged with an opportunity to explore. In particular, I was keen to observe how different cities establish their own signature sound. Growing up in Jakarta, it was natural for me to be acquainted with House. As I lived in London, I became familiar with Drum & Bass but my experience in the mid 2000s in Berlin, had the most profound influence in my musical direction. Focusing on Techno is certainly rooted to that period in my life. A scene that I chose
because of the potential inherent to Techno itself, one that is underpinned by technology above all.

Every artist has their own unique journey and given time, directions can transpire into different, if not contrasting forms and styles. Certainly, during my early days just shy of 20 years ago, I was influenced by Joris Voorn in his approach to Techno at the time. I believe that after producing for about two years and then finding that Joris had played one of my releases during his recent tour is testament to that. This set for the Void (MT) however, represents my current focus. Where I am right now and where I intend to be within the foreseeable future. It includes two artists that I have followed for several years, who are Joachim Spieth and Alexander Kowalski. Despite their differences in style, both are directions in techno I continue to focus upon.

I dare say that despite my achievements, it’s definitely still early days for me. It seems to have been a challenging journey to be able to master the sound it is that I seek, then again perhaps such a journey is a natural one for all original producers. Fortunately, I know exactly what sound I am after, at least all
I need to do now is to able to produce that is the atmospheric, hypnotic and cerebral side of Techno.

Above all, I am always committed to quality output. I certainly focus too much on this that it takes away my interactivity. A DJ set doesn’t actually need to be flawless, in fact it is that human element that often defines a performance. Admittedly being a victim of self-occupation, I do hope to be excused for being consumed by the equipment. Ultimately my aim is to transcend the audience onto the realms of imagination and for sure that is not an easy thing to do..

The future is to achieve that sound and have the results released with great reception. As for gigs, I definitely need to perform more often than I have been recently. It’s really a matter of discipline!

This question certainly holds true in electronic music. Every direction is associated with cultural spheres that are signified by depictions in art of various forms, be it visual art, architecture and so forth. Personally, I believe that the inherent relationship between Techno and urban society is evident. It is my belief that the music draws from an experience that is a complex journey for the individual in a world that just gets smaller and smaller by the day.