Kevin Call

Passion and dedication is what made Kevin Call one of the most talented DJ/Producer in Malta starting djing since 1994 and he never looked back…. With many years of experience Kevin has made a name for himself as one of the most important and influential DJ/Producer/Label Owner in Malta.

 2004 saw the start of Kevin`s first label project together with 2 other fellow artists, Urban State Records which is also the very first real record label regarding electronic music in Malta,after closing down Urban State Records he gave birth to his baby Night Mode Malta but had to shut it down after some years now running his new label Music Tools Recordings…Kevin Call is currently working on various releases for the most important techno labels


I started learning djing at the age of 12 years old on a pair of turntables and my first gig was at 14 years old,so this year 2019 I can say I have been playing for 24 years now or more if you count when I started to learn….I wasnt a techno dj,the first couple of years I was playing comercial dance music then I discovered techno music and I fell in love and still love it till today.

Nothing inspired me about this particular set I just wanted to include the past the present and future because in this set are included some techno classics from the 90s some tracks currently released and tracks that are going to be released soon cause I recieve plenty of promos from different labels,
Regarding who I admire ..many years ago was Umek his sets was so creative but not since digital got over I follow nobody now,djing since got digital it lost all the art in it.

I try to be original as I can but sometimes others discover new ideas that you can be inspired from and also improve the idea to do it better but not to copy .

Since I am coming from an era that we use to do blind mixing,years ago yes I can tell you that,that time my mind was so focused and concentrated that I speak with nobody during the set and lot of preparation before but now I can tell you that I am more relaxed since digital made djing more easy alot I can say.

I am always with something crazy in my mind…regarding gigs hope I will get a nice gig from Void