Embarking on a journey in 2017, KONTAL has already scored releases with prolific labels such as Soma, Modularz, Illegal Alien, Olympian, Children of Tomorrow and his very own imprint REVOLT,  which has already published a slew of vinyl releases from highly acclaimed techno artists such as Developer, Edit Select, Bas Mooy, Kessell and his very own EPs. With shows all around Europe, this Malta native is on a steady pace with gigs in France, Italy, Belgium and Germany, with a highlight show at the infamous Tresor Berlin, where he showcased a 3-hour set of only his music.  KONTAL continues to push boundaries by hosting his very own REVOLT Label Nights across Malta, inviting renowned techno artist from his label to exhibit their sets in landmark venues such as Liquid Club and the old abandoned military prison of Corradino. 


I have been playing records for almost 20 years now. I was always amazed with the Techno that was coming out in the 90s, so the first chance I got at having a shot at it, I took it.

The promos that I’ve been receiving this year have been very interesting. I’m really enjoying the diversity of Techno that is being produced, which is something that really inspires me. I also wanted to give the audience a listen to some stuff we have coming up on REVOLT, so this was the perfect timing to compile this mix. Also included inside are a few forthcoming bits from myself.

I think sitting in the studio and always starting new projects is something that continues to develop my sound. I do my best to never repeat myself and having templates is forbidden in the studio. I also try to stir things up with my gear and always approach it differently, always experimenting and pushing myself out of my comfort zone.

My prime intention when I’m playing is to keep the crowd on a steady flow of energy and intensity from start to finish.

We’re very glad to throw our first event at Liquid with our REVOLT Label Night, where we have invited our good friends Bas Mooy and Manthrax for the night. I’m also really looking forward to the releases I have coming up on Olympian, Illegal Alien, Children of Tomorrow, Black Codes Experiments and REVOLT.  


Music is something I constantly have to do. For the past 20 years I never took a break and I can easily say that for me making music is life.