Niko, a Techno DJ and producer based in Malta who is currently re-writing the rulebook in Malta’s
Techno Scene. He shares a sonic vision that pulls together elements of house and techno. All of his
productions are instantly recognizable due to his solid basslines and ecstatic grooves. Originally
experiencing his first taste of electronic music at the early age of 15 where a year later he got his first
gig. Year by year Niko has grown both musically and artistically where he managed to create weekly
residencies at Peppermint Park and feature himself in a large number of local events such as Lovesexy,
Los Santos, Olympia and Yakuza.
Niko has performed along side a number of popular artists such as ARTBAT, Barnt, CID INC, Henry
Saiz, Third Son and Reinier Zonneveld. The future looks bright for this upcoming techno producer.


My name is Nikolai a.k.a Niko and I’m 25 years old. I started djing and producing music 8 years ago and have not stopped ever since. What attracted me to the scene was obviously the music itself but even more that environment of having like-minded people joined together dancing the night away and appreciating what the Dj is playing.

I am capable of playing a lot of different genres but Techno has always been my first preference and I wanted to show it with this set, which is made up of the style of Techno that I mainly like to play. There are a lot of amazing artists, whom I follow and admire for their achievements and their contribution to Dance Music but if I had to choose an artist It would definitely be Ben Klock as he is one of the artists that I followed from the beginning of my career and throughout the years with
his music he has defined today’s modern techno movement.

Originality is something I really give importance to, both when djing and producing music. It’s good to give your own touch to what you are doing but also lots of improvisation, as it’s what keeps it interesting My never-ending desire to learn and huge attention to detail has always been my strongpoint in my development as an artist. Discovering new music, new talent and appreciating the vast ideas and creativity that comes out of each artist motivates me to keep going.

My state of mind is quite analytical during my sets. My approach when I’m entering a club is to always observe the vibe of the crowd, who I’m playing
with and what time, how should I warm up for or how should I continue after another DJ. As I gather this information and prepare myself I feel more comfortable when I go on stage and as a result, my concentration and attention to detail levels go up which converts to me playing better and enjoying myself more. It’s also important for the crowd that they see that the DJ is feeling good and is enjoying himself as it emits good vibes and makes the night more memorable to every individual.

One of my main goals currently is to start releasing music. I have finished a lot of music in 2019 and the next step for me is to find the right label to
release it. No upcoming gigs so far and still uncertain of when my next gig will be due to the current situation but I’m definitely using the time I have
to finish even more material and have it ready when the opportunity presents itself.

Music is my happy place. It helps me think, it makes me feel good. Being a musician can be tough, it can be lonely, but it’s also extremely rewarding. So sometimes you have to make small sacrifices, but in the end they are of course worth it.