He was born on February 14, 1999 and lives in Malta.
Øberøn began his career as producer and DJ in 2015. Released two ep’s in 2018: Subliminal and metaphor.

In June 2018 ØBERØN Played in Gdansk Poland followed by some gig’s in Malta.

Founder and manager of ark culture local, øberøn is the resident/local dj for Ark Culture.

On March 18, 2019 he played with Nur Jaber and ukash, he has also played with some international artists such as: Setaoc Mass, mareena, larix, Stephan Kruus.

In 2019 ØBERØN will be performing with artist’s such as : Abstract Divison/Kmyle/Hector Oaks and more to come.


I have been playing for nearly 5 years. It was like love at first sight I got instantly attached to this scene the first time i stepped into a club and experience it. I felt that this was something special. Each day that passes, my passion for this type of music grows stronger and stronger.

One of my favourite artist’s would have to be Sigha I look up to this artist as he is super talented .

My future goals are to keep on pushing forward, working harder and harder everyday and hopefully one day I reach the promised land. Regarding upcoming gig’s will be playing with Abstract Division, Kmyle, Hector Oaks and more to be announced later on this year.