Sean Rickett

Widely considered a bit of an all-rounder, Sean is known to adapt to any situation due to his vast collection & open-minded attitude towards all good music.

Strong believer in catching the appropriate vibe in each situation, he can mix different forms of house, techno & acid to name a few.

Away from the club scene Sean can be found spinnin’ other genres like hip-hop, soul, funk, trip-hop/ downtempo, depending on the occasion & setting.


I wouldn’t say I chose this scene myself, I suppose I was lucky enough to meet and hang out with the right people at the time. We simply fed off each other in very positives ways, music of course being the main ‘glue’ to keep us connected, right up until this day.
It all started really, around 2002/ 03. Next thing I know I’m in this club called Liquid, which had a very different layout at the time. It was dark, mysterious yet in a weird way – safe. I was there every weekend from the age of 17 onwards. It was only a natural progression that I would get my own turntables a few years later, around 2005 and practice religiously every single day, good times!

I look at podcasts/ sets as a project, an expression of yourself at that very moment in time. I don’t like to prepare anything and just see where the mood and flow takes me. That in itself is an inspiration. I follow and admire loads of artists but I’ve never tried to base myself on any of them. I dig their music and that’s it. Of course it helps if they’re a decent human being as well.

I would say it’s the most important thing, in whatever form of art you’re doing. If you’re not doing something different, something yours, a little outside the box, then you may as well just be a jukebox. You need to take risks and just say fuck it. Playing it safe and being lazy will kill any progress.
Regarding my own development, it just never stops. There’s always something to learn from anyone and most importantly, yourself. I’m always looking for ways to improve, I’ll analyze myself constantly and have serious conversations with myself about certain points in a set afterwards. Then one of us gets bored and pisses off!

The more you do something the more confident you become at it, as with all things in life. That’s doesn’t mean the nerves don’t kick in right before I’m about to start playing but I’ve learnt to channel the excitement into a state where I’m fully concentrated, thinking of different directions I could go, how the crowd will react to specific moments etc, etc.. 
I don’t think there is an ideal state of mind, you just need to remain mentally calm and remember that this is all about fun at the end of the day.

Would definitely like to land some gigs abroad now. Summer is looking very promising locally and I expect another busy season ahead. Having said that I can’t disclose any of it here as of yet. Everything will be up on my fb page very soon though. Me and a certain Manthrax are going B2B though towards the end of March, very looking forward to that.

For me the two are intertwined. Life & Art. There is just so much music in the world, it’s incredible. There’s literally like 100 soundtracks to every situation! I listen to all kinds of stuff, depending really on how I wake up and what mood I’m in.
I feel it’s important to not pigeon hole ourselves into a certain box and then start believing that we cannot listen or be part of anything else which doesn’t fit into this stupid box. 
Sure I love Acid and Techno but I also dig Hip-Hop and Jazz. Why choose?
So yeah, that’s my approach to art and music, an open mind and most importantly, an open heart.