The Error

Known mostly as caws among my friends I decided to step back in the DJ industry. Starting at the age of 16 (2008) with one the best duo’s in Malta duplex on turntables and vinyl’s I decided to get back in the game this year in 2019. What made me come back was seeing the scene constantly growing and the opportunities that come with it. My inspiration can come from anything at any time if I have an idea I will start writing down. Whatever is on my mind and creating a set and I do really get into it as If I am delivering in front of an audience.

I really started getting into techno around 16/17 years old at that time I used to listen to artists from Detroit like Jeff Mills Kenny Larkin, Robert hood, Carl Craig, Underground Resistance etc. However, as I grew older, I started to like more the acid dark and industrial techno side more.

My career goal in this industry is to reach a good level of production and be out there with top-level DJ’s.


Hi, I call myself The Error I am a very passionate person when it comes to Djing,

 I really take Djing serious because I believe that delivering music to a crowd is not just playing but creating a journey of music and entertainment where listeners can just close their eyes and get carried away by the music.

 I honestly chose this particular scene because I grew with it and I have passed some great times.

 The music industry and this scene have really come a long way and evolved.

seeing how this kind of music and scene have evolved around the world and also in Malta makes me want to give more to the scene and it’s community because I believe they deserve this and without we would never be here.

I started Djing back in 2008, I was 16 at that time and I learned everything on vinyl with one of Malta’s best duo at that time they were known as Duplex.

Sadly, right after I was able to DJ by myself, I stopped and I got back into DJing last May everything changed I felt new and starting from scratch.

Inspirations for this set come from the Detroit techno / acid house scene and this what led me to create something like this, There are a lot of artists I follow/admire some them are Robert Hood Anna Airod Pan pot Daxj… the list is long I wouldn’t stop mentioning.

Definitely being original is what gives you an edge over the competition today and it makes you stand out from others.

For me it’s something that I can’t really truly explain as it comes from my gut/heart when I’m playing for the crowd and something feels like this track is going to put them in a moment of ecstasy I go with it I trust my feelings so far they have never let me down and. I would say that my own development comes from the perseverance and the goal I have set in my mind.

Going on stage to perform in front of 50 persons or 500 for me it makes no difference as I take it very seriously and I picture my self-listening to the music and what I want to hear if I was in the crowd that is always how I picture myself.


Future goals at the moment are producing and releasing some records keep Djing for the ones that love the music and growing with the community, Gigs coming up are on the 29th of November and another one on the 14th December after that will be looking forward for 2020 I have a good feeling.

Be crazy be yourself and step outside your comfort zone that is what makes you a solid artist being able to adapt to different scenarios, ideas will make your career more exciting, and you never know when the right opportunity comes. Just go and do it and let the music flow through your body it will definitely help you express yourself and get the message across as an artist.