Victor Tommy B

Born in Puglia (South-Italy) From a family who loves music … In 2011 he entered the world of clubbing discovering the music of the various artists of the label of the MINUS in the various local clubs … and then went on to listen to the heroes of COCOON and finally get to DRUMCODE.In 2012 he officially becomes a vocalist of a BLACK OUT PARTY party in Basilicata (Italy) alongside 3 local DJs and soon after he continues this passion for music and in August 2013 he decides to organize a new party called NIGHT IN MY HOUSE, of which he is organizer and dj set, finding a good success, in 2017 he released his album SPACEDELIC.
In November 2018 Start A Podcast Project with artist Steev …. currently he is dedicating himself to production


I chose this scene because I have always been a lover of music and for 7 years I have taken this path
Complementing this genre is the melody and the other elements that can easily play with your emotions taking you to wherever your imagination leads you.
In the beginning of 2000, I started to experiment with electronic music and it was a very versatile and interesting journey. Back then, I started with Funky and Tribal House which led me to Electro and Minimal music. This helped me to keep on evolving from one style to another. Moreover, after a period of time not playing any electronic music, in 2014 I met a guy (whom until today is one of my best friends) that re-introduced me and brought me closer to the techno scene. Thanks to his good will, I picked myself up and today I can say that what I’m doing comes from a place of love and dedication.

I don’t have a permanent artist which I am inspired by, but I have been following Rosa Anschutz a lot lately

The originality for me is an important thing in fact in my sets I always try to do something unique and mine, different from the usual. My development as an artist personally I see it as good and I am satisfied with what I have done so far

during my DJ set my mood is just having fun and entertaining those who listen to my music and travel listening to good techno

my future goals for now are collaborations with international radios and productions

my approach to art I would call it good in fact this period I am studying Leonardo Da Vinci, my approach to music I would call it love because for me music is life is everything