Yazmin has been in the scene for 4 years now and she’s is passionate with Sick beats and heavy bass.

She started on ethereal techno than made her way to the industrial techno where Paula temple was her major influence.  Her major talents are based on hard stomping techno to heavy industrial.


My name is Yasmine Farrugia, I’m 21 years old and I’ve been playing for the past 4 years. I’ve always loved sick beats and bass from when I was little and always imagined myself as a DJ. I started my DJ career focusing on Ethereal Techno which at that time it was great, but somehow I knew that this genre wasn’t the one I want to focus my career on. It didn’t please my soul. One time I went to an event where Paula Temple was playing and her set influenced me so much that from that day on I started listening to more Industrial Techno, hence leading me to the scene I’m focusing on now.

I’ve done plenty of sets in the past but I never shared them with anyone. A couple of months ago, I visited the Techno City of Berlin and I was so inspired that when I landed back in Malta, I decided to get out of my shell once and for all and share my sets with people who understand and appreciate Techno music as much as I do. A few of the artists which I admire are Rebekah, SNTS and Ansome. These 3 Global artists made me fall in love and appreciate more Techno in general.

From my point of view, I see that artists who have their own specific and particular way of producing and playing, have much more influence on ravers and upcoming artists. I like to play tracks that no one has ever heard of and spend a lot of time searching for new music however, not only techno, I listen to everything that pleases my ear. I like originality and I love being unique. When I started my career, I always focused on one music genre, which led me to nowhere. When I opened the spectrum and sought for more music, my mind grew thus helping me more understand the depth of music.

Before I start playing, I normally get anxious and nervous so concentration is the key but overall, I would describe my state of mind as pretty much internal. When I’m on the decks, I leave everything behind and focus on what I’m doing and how to make the gig a one to remember. Every gig is an opportunity to get lost in your own mind and to make people fall in love with your own artwork.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any upcoming gigs. What I’m aiming for at this point in time is to find a solid base where I could plant my roots. I do have big dreams like every artist, and eventually some day I will get there, but I just need to move forward one step at a time and never look back.

An artist is someone who makes art and for me art is an expression of our thoughts and emotions. It is the communication of intimate conceptions that cannot be portrayed by words alone. I see art in every track or set I listen to our produce and from my point of view, that is what makes music so special.