Piero Gigante aka Zigler, was born in Bari, Puglia, and is a DJ and techno Italian producer class ’90.
His passion for music started when he was young, thanks to the approach of some musical instruments.
During adolescence, he listened electronic, techno and minimal sounds.
At the age of 18 he started to produce the first tracks,
using Fruty loops to create his own sounds.
After many years of studies, he decided to live in Belgium to have a different perspective on the Italian electronic scene,
So he start attending some important clubs/ party in Brussels, Antwerp and Amsterdam, which further enriched his cultural background.

Fascinated by techno and all its nuances, its first publication in 2018 finally takes shape,
with the release of the “Geometry” album, on the “INDUSTRIAL TECHNO UNITED” label.
His Traces travel on metallic sounds, with electronic influences,
Distorted sounds rich in low frequencies, with a dark pad and gloomy atmosphere.

In 2019 he took part in the ØHØI project, joining a duo, applying his knowledge to a musical comparison with Paolo Calabrese.
By creating a musical genre, their first album “Dcrypt”, released May 21, 2019, with experimental and hypnotic facets.


I chose the techno music scene because it has always fascinated me, with its industrial, dark and deep sounds,
I have been playing and producing since I was 16 and I have listened a lot to all the facets of techno, and it has amazed me over time, about how it is evolving.

Of course, Oscar Mulero, Kwartz, Moddullar, Keith Carnal, Keikari, Kaiser, and many other artists to draw from and take inspiration from,
for their search for sounds, and originality, their production and their ideas.
There are some who are truly brilliant in the drafting and evolution of sounds,
they create amazing things from which I can only take an example.

My development as an artist is constantly evolving and it was not easy at the beginning, I composed every day, I followed a tutorial, and listened to other people’s tracks a lot. I immediately searched for a concept to follow and the right sounds, synths, concepts and evolutions. all this pushed me to know how to make explosive, aggressive and full of energy music.

What I would like to communicate in my DJ sets is freedom, energy and above all emotions, free to do what you want,
free to be what you are, and to have fun. I have a concept in mind;
communicate what the public communicates to you, knowing how to transmit energy is not for everyone, and at the same time,
make this energy come back to you as feedback,
a kind of continuous loop.
The public transmits what you communicate.

I currently have many objectives that are not easy to achieve, one of the first objectives would be to be able to do concerts or festivals,
because it would be my dream, to do what you are brought for, to do what you are best at.
Another of my dreams would be to be able to create and publish my first vinyl, perhaps with some labels from the world techno scene,
really important, knowing great artists and being able to produce with them, comparing ideas and doing something incredibly beautiful.
I have a motto;
“Find the job you like and you will never work again for your whole life”.

I have always been attracted to art and music, I have a very creative character, and I like to create and not waste time, ever.
For me, music is art, music is everything, it is the only promise won, it is the beginning and end of the journey for each of us, it is part of me,
and who knows what the world would be without music …